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Cross-Cutting SDGs 8 – 9 – 12

Duurzame Transformatie – Geen Tijd te Verliezen
Transformative Shifts in Paradigms Needed
By Dr Veerle Vandeweerd, 2021-01

Highlights on Health
By Dr Lieve Fransen, 2020-10

Achieving the SDGs with technological transformations
By Dr Veerle Vandeweerd,  Dr Lieve Fransen, P4TT  and Ms Michele Ferenz, 2020-04

Boosting Investment in Social Infrastructures and Social Services
By Dr Lieve Fransen, 2018-05

Investing in Social Infrastructure in Europe
By Dr Lieve Fransen, Gino del Bufalo and Edoardo Revigli, 2018-01

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

Highlights on Health
By Dr Lieve Fransen, 2020-10

Innovative Technologies to Fight the Coronavirus
By Dr Veerle Vandeweerd, 2020-04

Our Destiny is Connectivity not Geography
By Dr Lieve Fransen, 2018-11

SDG 4: Quality Education

Adapting education systems to a fast changing world
By the Covid Education Alliance (COVIDEA), 2020-10