Initiative to innovate learning and teaching

Initiative to innovate learning and teaching

We launched a ground-breaking new initiative called COVID Education Alliance (COVIDEA) with the very valuable inputs from experts and partners from all over the world.

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in a transformation of education and learning systems world-wide, a transformation that is long overdue. This was made possible because of the use of digital technologies for e-learning. The partners in COVIDEA want to use this momentum to make education systems post COVID 19, fit for a fast changing and increasingly digital future, promote lifelong learning and contribute to the achievements of the education goals under SDG4.

P4TT and FOGGS are leading and coordinating the initiative and you can read more about it in the primer. The initiative is expected to generate positive impact on societies and economies alike by promoting what and how we learn and teach.

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Adapting education systems to a fast changing world
By the Covid Education Alliance (COVIDEA), 2020-10